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CIFF 40 - Community Partner

NOCMES has again teamed up as a community partner with The Cleveland International Film Festival. As CIFF celebrates it's 40 anniversary, NOCMES has been a proud community partner for the past 5 years. We value and appreciate our community partners!

This year we are partnering on the film SPEED SISTERS. It comes from the US and Palestine and is 80 minutes long.

Even in America, women race car drivers are faced with adversity. The sport is mostly seen as a boys' club, which has led to accusations of sexism—Richard Petty famously received criticism for inappropriate comments about NASCAR star, Danica Patrick. Now imagine female drivers in the Middle East. It’s a culture where, in some places, the idea of women driving at all is considered improper, let alone tearing up a track. This hasn’t stopped a team of young ladies known as the Speed Sisters, who are the first all-female race car driving team in the region. The quintet have garnered headlines in the West Bank for their impressive foray into the Palestinian street-car scene. Besides the basic gender issue, they also have to overcome other obstacles, including run-ins with the Israeli military and their restrictive checkpoints and trying to stay safe in a land that’s marred by war. SPEED SISTERS is a vibrant and unmistakably inspiring documentary about five fearless (and, frankly, badass) women who crush stereotypes at every turn. This film is in English and Arabic with subtitles.

It has two showings: Monday, April 04, 2016 at 5:10 PMTuesday, April 05, 2016 at 9:35 PM

See you at the movies!

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