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There has been a growing interest and call for immigrant friendly policies and a proactive initiative to welcome immigrants to greater Cleveland. There is also a growing consensus for the need to fix our broken Federal policies regarding immigration. 

Understanding the Arab Uprisings: Religion, Social Movements and Protest in the Middle East 

As part of the annual editorial board meeting of the Middle East Research and Information Project, the Northeast Ohio Consortium on Middle East Studies hosts a panel at John Carroll University on Friday, Sept. 28. We'll be live-blogging the panel here.

A Website to Change the world

I have created a website designed to take content submissions, post then, build a following and then uses the ad revenue to support charities.

Did we miss it? Journalism, Academic Research, and the Arab Uprisings
Arab Uprisings: Art and Culture of Revolt in the Middle East 

The NOCMES-MERIP event continues with a conversation about the impact of the uprisings on the arts and the impact of the arts on the uprisings. 

Understanding the 2011 Arab Uprisings and After

Cleveland welcomes the editorial board of the Middle East Report for two discussion panels about the Arab uprisings of 2011 and after; one panel focused on the actors and movements that drove the uprisings, the other exploring the arts and culture of those historical events. 

How Lowe's Can You Go?

Lowe’s Corporation has responded to pressure from anti-Muslim groups and quickly pulled its advertising from the TLC TV show, All-American Muslims, which depicts Muslims in Michigan as ordinary Americans, according to AP. 

What's the state of the Egyptian revolution?

From the Project on Middle East Politics: "The unfinished Egyptian “revolution” has unleashed an array of new forces that will shape the country’s political future, but elements from the former regime could still reconstitute themselves and hinder a full democratic transition, according to a panel discussion held on September 21, at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

New Perspective on the Middle East - an important effort 

I think conversations about the middle east are so important because our lack of understanding will not help us move forward and create a better world.

New Perspectives: What do you want to know about the Muslim world and the Middle East?

In preparation for Rami Khouri's visit to NEO, we're collecting your questions and concerns, to help shape his talk and help all of us find a better understanding of what's going on in the Middle East.

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