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  The Palestine Exception to Free                         Speech in America
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  Omar Shakir, Bertha Justic Institute Fellow, Center for Constitutional Rights


 Megan Marzec, Recent graduate of Ohio University where she served as student senate president during the 2014-2015 academic year


What is the greatest threat to free speech at U.S. universities today? Who is trying to block students from organizing around Palestine on American campuses? How are they doing this? Can professors have their academic freedom violated if they research Palestine? Do people chose silence about Palestinian rights because they fear they may be accused of anti-semetism?


Come learn about the systematic campaign against scholarship and student activism that focuses on Palestinian rights. 


This event is part of the SAFE SPACES SPEAKER SERIES event is Wednesday February 10, 2016 between 7-9pm in The Kiva. The event is called, “The Palestine Exception to Free Speech in America”. 


Here's a link to a report published by the CCR on the topic of this lecture.


Here's a video to interviews CCR did on the Report. 


Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Kent State University


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